Meet our Babes

We currently have 3 out of our 8 hens laying. Meet our three hens below.

Chicken Nugget "Nugget"

Nugget is a Speckled Sussex and lays light Brown Eggs.

French Fry "Frenchy"

Frenchy is a Silver Cuckoo Marna and lays medium brown eggs.

Ginger ale "Ginger"

Ginger is a Partridge Rock and lays brown eggs.

The rest of our flock will be laying soon. Meet our lovely ladies.

Black Olive "Olive"

Olive is a Blue Andalusian and will lay white eggs.


Churro is a Cream Legbar and will lay blue eggs.


Mashmallow is a Cochin and will lay brown eggs.

Hershey Kisses "Hershey"

Hershey is a Blue Ameraucana and will lay blue eggs.


Skittles is a Blue Splash Maran and will lay dark brown eggs.